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Creative Approaches to End-of-Life Choices



   Due to the present        quarantine, all

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In our death-denying culture, we often feel we have no control over the circumstances surrounding the end of life.

We believe we are at the mercy of the medical profession, the funeral profession, the "system" as a whole. We at Blue Lotus contend that although the details of life and death often elude 

us, we always have CHOICE in the way we approach the issues surrounding aging, illness, death and grief.  And CHOICE

means hope and peace and, most of all, empowerment. If we can't change what will happen, we can always choose how we respond and adapt. From courageous conversations to aging with grace. From preparing end-of-life preference and legal documents, making decisions on what we do and do not want on our end-of -life path, to dealing with illness and the actual dying process, our own and that of those we love, to exploring the transformative power of grieving, Blue Lotus offers guidance and possibility. In this day and age, we even need to contend with the Coronavirus and our wishes around what would happen were we to need treatment.


Come to the table.  Come heartbroken. Come raw and in pain.  Come discouraged and hopeless, angry and devastated, confused and spiritless. Come when you're frightened. Come because you are still alive. Come because you are determined not to be defeated. Come because nothing, NOTHING, is permanent...except love. Come with us. We will travel this journey together.

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"Someone should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are going to die.  Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day.  Do it, I say! Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows." - Pope Paul VI

Some Kind Words About Our Work...

"Love, knowledge, wisdom, compassion, insight, connection abound in the work facilitated by Marlisa and Annie

Martha Mosseller ~ 1/7/2019

" A great workshop...amazing how Marlisa and Annie can take a difficult subject and turn it into an enlightening discussion. This is a gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones...knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the journey ahead."

       Cappy Tosetti ~ 9/6/2018

 This was a powerful exercise in helping me again have more perspective and evaluating my past life choices. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in self-examination. 

Marlisa and Annie, I look forward to your follow-up offerings with this lovely group of kindred spirits.

Cathy Williams ~ 1/7/2019

" Oh thank you, Annie and Marlisa, 

You know everything about how to run a workshop! Two extraordinary women and healing creative play. I can't express my thanks enough. I felt completely refreshed after your healing work in the gorgeous space. I'll be back for more."


           Judith Toy  ~  9/3/2018

"Regarding the Blue Lotus workshop: The Art of Grief Journaling, let me say . . .

Classes and workshops dealing with grief, loss, and end-of-life issues struck me as valuable and also provoked a slight sense of taboo—of resistance coupled with curiosity. Opposing feelings are motivating for me—means there’s energy there. One advantage I have is knowing Marlisa and Annie—the women offering workshops and classes focused on these issues through their new company Blue Lotus (bluelotuschoices.com). And because they are so smart, funny, real, deep, talented, phenomenal in the kitchen, etc, I knew whatever they offered would be worth it. And by the way, friendship alone couldn’t drag a great recommendation out of me. I did too much writing and lying for a living. No thanks.

So I approached their offerings with an open heart and mind. In the face of my husband’s sudden death and my mother’s lingering death—all within a year of each other, plus moving, plus a new relationship, plus a new grandchild, I knew I needed to slow down and have a look at what I did not want to have to look at.

Thank you Annie and Marlisa for opening the door to the end of the story."

                 Deirdre Morro James  ~ 10/24/2018





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