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If we are unable to grieve in community, it is almost impossible for an individual to heal fully.

                   Martin Prechtel


Grief Coaching and Retreats

Grief.  The thing we share, the thing we dread, the thing we cannot avoid in life. Grief is not a condition, a diagnosis, or an illness. Grief is the natural physical and emotional reaction to loss...loss of a loved one, loss of health, loss of opportunity, loss through dementia. So many inevitable transitions.

Because we are not taught how to navigate this journey, we often miss the chance to transform our lives through developing gratitude and resilience. Blue Lotus offers day and weekend retreats to explore the many events that bring us hopelessness and sadness: death of family, death of friends, death of pets, the tragedy of suicide, the horrible, inconceivable loss of a child. 

Together, we will learn to do death...and grief...differently, to transform, and to live more fully because of loss.  Because of love.

    Individual grief work is also provided              by request, in person or by phone or  



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